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Introduction This page contains pictures of a few of the instruments that I’ve built over the years. One thing to note is, as a kind-of luthier, all of these instruments are subject change as time and the situation warrants. For example, the lipstick pickups just weren’t working so I changed them out, along with a few other changes. AG03 My first serious attempt at a bass. This is a simple PJ-style bass with 20 frets and a VVT control set.
What are we doing? I’m going to use this blog as ground-zero in my attempt to build, and in some places rebuild, an old EMS 7c lute kit. That is not it, however it does give a good idea of the kind of lute we are about to attempt to build: a simple working instrument of the mid- to late-16th Century. Background A number of years ago I came into possession of an Early Music Shop seven-course lute kit, a project I have been either unable or unwilling to take on until now.