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Jazz and all


Here are some examples of me attempting to jazz. Not so great, but I have a fun-time playing along and attempting to find a voice. I hope you may find something you like here (eventually).

The backing tracks come from a variety of sources including the excellent Jamey Aebersold series, the Hal Leonard Jazz-Play-Along, and some are Band-in-a-Box renderings. The copyright for the first two lies with their owners.


Summer 2023 and we–my wife, my brother-in-law, and myself–are down the South Coast of NSW for a much-needed week of rest, sun, and surf. And I have my laptop, my tenor, and my microFreak synth; my brother-in-law has his ax; and my wife her voice; and we noodle. Then we notice that the local miner birds have this very cool call that reminds us of the classic “Black Coffee” so I start to make a track. And this is the result. Fun times indeed!

Tenor Saxophone

Me honking on my ‘52 Holton 241.

  • Equinox John Coltrane’s classic 1960 minor blues played in Cm