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A page about me. My name is Mark Probert. And whilst I might find it tempting to start filling this page with wonder exploits of daring-doo, I shall resist. Here is a picture of me
In sifting through my e-pile I recently came across some footage I shot on my FLIP camera (remember those?) one summer holiday. A few of those videos contain some footage of my wife’s beloved (once-was) spaniel, Pippin. Over to the Pippin-dog… video: Pippin on Holidays (Bendalong 2012)
A page related to documenting various travels. Lord Howe Island 2018 Lord Howe Island is an amazing, magical place, almost like a NSW country town set on a tropical island (which it is). If you love getting out in nature, it is paradise, and, for a diver, it is spectacular. Another short video from that trip, this time without the vlog stuff 2018 Lord Howe Island Fiji 2017 Me doing a more of a vlog of our 2017 visit to Blue Lagoon
Introduction This page contains pictures of a few of the instruments that I’ve built over the years. One thing to note is, as a kind-of luthier, all of these instruments are subject change as time and the situation warrants. For example, the lipstick pickups just weren’t working so I changed them out, along with a few other changes. AG03 My first serious attempt at a bass. This is a simple PJ-style bass with 20 frets and a VVT control set.
Introduction This page contains pictures of a few of the instruments, other than basses, that I’ve built over the years. Boos Taken from an idea of Bart Hopkin, the Boos is a take on a tuned tongue drum. For me, this design has some decided advantages to a traditional multi-note tongue drum in that it can be made quickly and easily in my workshop, and second, I can tune each note quickly and accurately, without lots of complicated interactions from other notes.
This page contains links to various lute music I have worked on or am interested in. Possibly best to tag this not of general interest. If you do choose to download and hopefully play any of this music, please do let me know if you find any errors (there are bound to be some!). Thank you! Kalmar 21.068 Last update: 04 Sep 2019 (rev 0.9.6) This is a performing edition of the Stahlhammer manuscript (S-Klm ms 21.
Introduction This page contains a collection of random code snippets and programs I am playing with. I spent most of my career as a software architect so it is a touch hard to get some of the technical coding urges out of my system. One way I’ve started to do that is by learning to use Common Lisp. It is amazing, but as with any marvelously complicated system I am still scratching the surface of its potential.