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This page contains a collection of random code snippets and programs I am playing with. I spent most of my career as a software architect so it is a touch hard to get some of the technical coding urges out of my system. One way I’ve started to do that is by learning to use Common Lisp. It is amazing, but as with any marvelously complicated system I am still scratching the surface of its potential. Some of my explorations are here.


I was recently inspired by a YT Video to explore the world of 18th Century parlour games, basically using dice to generate music. Perfect for a simple coding project using common lisp to generate Lilypond source. Hooray! Then I found out someone has already done it all (and better) over at so I recommend you head over there if you just after the music. Anyhow, I hacked and got a simple generator of “Mozart” waltzes based on the 1793 Simrock score, less the second ending part (a to-do).

Here’s an example of the output:

And the lilypond source, PDF, and MIDI.

And another:

lilypond source, PDF, and MIDI

If you are still interested, you can get the source code as well.