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Synth Stuff


This page contains various synthesizer-related stuff I’ve been playing with.

Cardinal/VCV Rack

One of the many very cool freeware synths available is Cardinal, a fully self-contained plugin version of VCV Rack, released under GPL 3.0. VCV Rack is a software simulation of a EuroRack compatible modular synth with a user community that has contributed many emulations of existing hardware modules, plus many that are unique to the software. Cardinal contains a curated collection of modules that provide a solid basis for learning synth techniques and enjoying the world of Eurorack without the staggering expense.

On this page I’ve included a number of patches I’ve created in attempting to learn more about how to approach sound design using this amazing tool. I use these with Cardinal rev 23.10 Native on a M2 Pro Mac Mini however Cardinal also runs on PCs and Linux machines.

This is a simple patch I use as a basis for creating more complex patches. It starts with a basic clock split into multiple outputs; with a mixer stage that includes a simple way of extending mix channels and an output stage that has reverb and delay as send channels (simple thanks to the Glue the Giant modules).

This is a single voice generative patch that creates a soundscape similar to one you might find in a movie like “Blade Runner” (without the music layer, just the bleeps and bloops). It shows one way to create changing textures by using random gates, and lots of LFOs.

This is a multi-voice generative patch that creates a dirty/gritty soundscape with a touch of percussion.

This is a more complex multi-voice generative patch that creates a an ambient wash with a “tune” and added sound effects.

This is a fun multi-voice generative patch that uses a variety of percussion voices to create an ever-changing polyrhythm space.

This is a fun multi-voice patch where I am trying out various ways of creating a more complete generative patch, that is one with a tune as well as varying background textures.