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St. Francis Choir


Some material related to singing in the Choir of St Francis of Assisi Paddington.

Missa Gaudeamus omnes

Practice material for this mass. These are computer-generated from the score. Clicking on the link will play the .mp3 file in your browser; right-click to save it.

Here is the decoder for the .mp3 files

  • FULL means all parts are at equal volume

  • _SOP _ALT _TEN _BAS these parts are more prominent (the others down 9dB)

  • _ALL This is a zip archive of all the audio files, all the parts, for that movement. So the link to Kyrie_All will download a file called to your device that you will then need to extract.

The collection of all the FULL parts, as a ZIP archive is here.




Agnus Dei