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This section of the site contains various writings of mine. From time to time I’ve had the urge to put pen to paper and attempt to vent some of my creative overflow. I’ve written screenplays, radio plays, short fiction of various kinds, and even self-published a novella, Hunt, which you can find on Amazon. I’ll update this section of the blog as the mood takes me.
A short-short I wrote a while back. One of my close calls to getting “properly” published in a “real” magazine. You want I should tell you again? How come? You didn’t get it the first time, smart-guy? Okay, okay, settle down! I’m just joking here! No need to get nasty about it! I’ll tell you what you want to know. I’ll even do you a favor and talk real slow and simple so you can get it down sweet.
Another short-short I wrote a while back… History is a cruel master. Too often those we most need to remember are those soonest forgotten, and those names that do roll off our tongue are the bringers of death and destruction. We are fascinated by infamy and choose to ignore those who have gifted us their heroism and courage. In this series we aim to rectify that mistake. Here you will meet great women, wonderful men, and others whose deeds have helped shape us into the great people we are today.