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A page related to documenting various travels.

Lord Howe Island 2018

Lord Howe Island is an amazing, magical place, almost like a NSW country town set on a tropical island (which it is). If you love getting out in nature, it is paradise, and, for a diver, it is spectacular. Another short video from that trip, this time without the vlog stuff

2018 Lord Howe Island

Fiji 2017

Me doing a more of a vlog of our 2017 visit to Blue Lagoon

2017 Fiji

Fiji 2014

Our first visit to Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on Nacula Island in Fiji. Magnificent. It is where we learned to dive. Here two short videos from those dives

  • Nalova Turtle A green turtle in open water checking us out

  • Chapel Sharks Various sharks, including some very big bull sharks, at an old feeding site called Chapel. The two divers flapping around are Emma and I.