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Film Scoring


Here are some videos with scores I have created, because nothing say practice like actually attempting to put your mouth where your music is at.

I have not, for the most part, created any of the films or videos used here. I have sourced them from various places on the understanding they are either public domain, Creative Commons Reuse, or educational course material. I have used these images for educational purposes and no copyright infringement is intended. However, if you believe there is conflict, please send me an email asking to have the video removed from And please note I have no intention of monetizing any of this content but provide it solely for enjoyment and education.

As for my work posted here, it is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommmercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

learning-to-score series

Initial efforts based on attempting to complete the Thinkspace Education short course on How To Score Films. Heady days indeed!

This is not part of the course, simply me having a go; a baseline effort, if you will. A simple 2:30 of a space craft taking off, heading out for a lap around the moon, then returning. It has elements of the early Apollo Program (think Apollo 8) mixed with later reusable vehicle launches, like SpaceX. For the scoring I split the difference and went with an 80s-style synth-track to give it a bit of energy. The initial countdown is from the Apollo 7 Launch tapes (thank you, NASA!). The video–a nicely produced CG animation with no music track–I found marked as Public Domain on YT (and it bares no other identification) thus I felt I could use it. I suspect it too has come from NASA.

This short piece of film I grabbed from a Guy Michelmore video and, being an owner of Spitfire Audio’s Contemprary Drama Toolkit, I thought I’d see what I could create in under half an hour. Not too bad, considering. Considering this style is all about bleakness and emptiness, it was quite fun to do. Enjoy!