archsys webification installation


This is the archsys website, the web-hangout of Mark Probert. Being a simple fellow, this is a simple site whose operation should be obvious.

Apart from the blog, which is a pretty standard weblog, the site is a grab-bag of things I am interested in: music, writing, woodworking, and so on. What it won’t be is a platform for any of my political or religious views; the interwebs are fully of enough rants and posturings without me adding to the noise.

This site is also the home of Doofus and the Duck Present… (also call Doofus Art) a series of artworks created by my wonderful wife, Emma, capturing the essence of art recreation during a time of pestilence.

I am, by choice, not turning on commenting on this site (see above) however, if you wish to contact me, please do at mark at archsys dot net (yep, one of those sites).

All the best

.. mark.

(Sydney, Land of Oz)