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This section of the site contains some musical experiments, mostly in the realm of cinematic scoring.

nova series

As an exercise in actually doing something possible, I decided I’d challenge myself to write short-shorts for cinematic scoring, typically of no more than one minute. There is no specific clip associated with any of these piece, more they are an attempt to create a mood typically associated with a genre scene. I’ve created them all using material to hand, including sound clips where I think that will enhance the mood. Being quick pieces, I’ve not spent a lot (any?) time in mixing, beyond some basic levels, certainly I have done any major production on these pieces. All that to say they could sound better if I put some basic work into them…

  • nova-01 has a kind of primitive off-world/new planet vibe where things are both okay and odd

  • nova-02 is militaristic in nature, a touch hopeful?

  • nova-03 nostalgic and wistful, with rain, looking out a window over fields…

  • nova-04 olde-westie thing, then walking into the saloon

  • nova-05 upbeat caper-with-cars vibe

  • nova-06 contemplation in a woodland setting

  • nova-07 windy Tibetan plateau with horn and chimes

  • nova-08 Catch Me If You Can 60s caper-vibe

  • nova-09 an unsettling spy-in-a-foreign-city feeling

  • nova-10 a “complete” 1940s-ish radio drama scene in folly

  • nova-11 dawn-is-breaking JW-style epic horns and strings

  • nova-12 SF-style tension

  • nova-13 an attempt at a big pace transition

  • nova-14 on a train/platform, layering and drums

  • nova-15 poly-rhythm goodness

  • nova-18 attempt an ABA transition with very disparate styles

  • nova-19 a touch of simple epic with transition

  • nova-20 slightly off-balance dark fantasy feel

  • nova-21 a light, Penguin Cafe Orchestra-ish short

  • nova-22 a two-part cue in 6/8 with some choral oddity

  • nova-23 playing around with percussion…

  • nova-24 seaside with percussive choral tension

  • nova-25 a touch of spaghetti-western cheese

  • nova-26 all about the atmosphere

  • nova-27 a beat and an ondes musicales having fun

  • nova-28 live play with a few synths (microFreak and Hydrasynth) and a vox library, placing them in a scoring context

sound design series

Modern composition, especially for film and video scores (plus, most importantly, games and other media), is increasingly about creating aural textures and soundscapes. In this section, I’m going to post up some of my efforts, mostly based on doing some courses with Thinkspace Education. With practice, I hope to improve… (a warning, of sorts)

  • sd-ex01 A first attempt at creating an aural space around a Romanian singer

  • sd-ex02 Found audio–a piano, a bass, a flute, a vacuum cleaner, a santor–soundscaped

  • sd-ex03 An exercise: add texture to an existing orchestral piece

  • sd-ex04 An exercise: add tension (risers/alarms/etc.) to an existing orchestral piece

  • sd-beating A 2:10 min cue to work up a funny-meter percussion-based piece


Noodling, with some intent. This is playing around with simple musical ideas to see if I can make any of them sound interesting.