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This section of the site contains my explorations into the world of oil painting, starting from basically from zero. After all, how hard can it be? Beginnings After much prevaricating, I managed to get my act sufficiently together (so many distractions: make the easel, make the trundle thingy to old the pallet and paints, watch a few more videos on how to do it, etc etc) and put paint on the pallet and started to daub.
This section of the site contains various musing on the subject of music. Playing and singing has been a life-long joy of mine, yet I remain, at best, a dilettante. A happy one who finds joy noodling and attempting to improve. This section is dedicated to sharing some of those efforts.
This section of the site contains various writings of mine. From time to time I’ve had the urge to put pen to paper and attempt to vent some of my creative overflow. I’ve written screenplays, radio plays, short fiction of various kinds, and even self-published a novella, Hunt, which you can find on Amazon. I’ll update this section of the blog as the mood takes me.